EconVersations is the Johnson Center's show which airs on Troy University's Trojan Vision television channel.  Econversations features the Center's faculty, students, and visitors.  The show explores how markets and voluntary exchange operate, frequently drawing on insights from Austrian economics and public choice economics.

Econversations is hosted by Dr. Daniel Sutter, the Charles G. Koch Professor of Economics at Troy.  Trojan Vision is available on cable systems throughout the Wiregrass region.


Episode 137: Dr. John Dove, State Economics Development and Entrepreneurship

Episode 135: Dr. Courtney Baggett, Why Insurance Matters

Episode 134: Dr. Allen Mendenhall, Why Supreme Court Nominees Matter

Episode 133: Rosemary Elebash, Regulations and Small Business in Alabama

Episode 132: Dr. Mark Perry, Economic Nationalism in a Global Economy

Episode 131: Dr. Dan Smith, The Secrets of Venice's Success

Episode 130: Dr. Dan Smith, The Educational and Training Costs of Occupational Licensing

Episode 129: Courtney Joslin, The Costs of Occupational Licensing in Alabama

Episode 128: Dr. Steve Miller, Tax Reform and Inequality in the United States

Episode 127: Dr. David Henderson, Economists and the Draft

Episode 126: Dr. Malavika Nair, How Progress Has Changed Life

Episode 125: Dr. Dan Sutter, Pros and Cons of Eliminating Tax Deductions

Episode 124: Rahimat Emozozo and Dr. Malavika Nair, Mobile Money in Kenya

Episode 123: Courtney Joslin, Free Speech on Campus

Episode 122: Gordon Miller, Spontaneous Order and Video Games

Episode 121: Dr. G. P. Manish, Entrepreneurs and Prosperity

Episode 120: Dr. Thomas Hogan, The Impact of Dodd-Frank on Small Banks

Episode 119: Dr. John Dove, What is Public Use?

Episode 118: Dr. Allen Mendenhall, The American Bar Association and Law School

Episode 117: Dr. Art Carden, Is Public Choice Immoral? 

Episode 116: Dr. Steve Miller, What Are Lease Revenue Bonds and Why Do They Matter?

Episode 115: Michael Kastner, How U.S. Assistance Hurts the Haitian Economy

Episode 114: Dr. Dan Smith and Ashley Lynn on Price Gouging

Episode 113: Dr. Steve Miller on the Cost of Energy

Episode 112: Dr. John Dove on Basic Income Guarantees

Episode 111: Dr. G.P. Manish on India's Demonitization Experience

Episode 110: Dr. David Skarbek on Prison Gangs

Episode 109: Dr. Emily Skarbek on the recover after the Great Chicago Fire of 1871

Episode 108: Dr. Thomas Hogan on Federal Insurance of Bank Accounts

Episode 107: Dr. Daniel Smith on Immigration Reform

Episode 106: Noah Trudeau on Occupational Licensing in Funerals, Caskets, and Burials

Episode 105: Dr. David Hebert on the Business of Government

Episode 104: Dr. David Hebert on Protecting American Jobs

Episode 103: Dr. G.P. Manish on Income Inequality

Episode 102: Dr. David Hebert on Thanksgiving

Episode 101: Dr. John Dove on Crowdfunding

Episode 100: Dr. Steve Miller, Dr. Dan Smith, Dr. Dave Hebert and Dr. John Dove on how the research of economists affects our lives

Episode 99: Dr. Daniel Smith on Immigration

Episode 98: Dr. David Hebert on Boston Ice Trade

Episode 97: Dr. Dan Sutter on Monopolies

Episode 96: Courtney Michaluk on Alabama Prisons

Episode 95: Christy Bronson and Dr. Daniel Smith on Payday Lending

Episode 94: Dr. Lenore Ealy on Philanthropy

Episode 93: Dr. John Dove on Predatory Pricing and Standard Oil 

Episode 92: Adam MacLeod on Common Law

Episode 91: Walter Williams on Economics, Politics, and Liberty

Episode 90: Laura Dove on Arbitration 

Episode 89: Courtney Michaluk on Corporate Inversions

Episode 88: Dr. Daniel Sutter and Dr. Daniel Smith on Medicaid 

Episode 87: Dr. Steve Miller on Inequality  

Episode 86: Dr. Dean Stansel on State and Local Economic Freedom

Episode 85: Dr. John A. Dove and Dr. Daniel Smith on Alabama Tax and Budget Issues

Episode 84: Dr. Daniel Sutter and Dr. Daniel Smith on Spend Don't Tax Politicians

Episode 83: Dr. G.P. Manish on Central Planning

Episode 82: Troy University economics major Sean Alvarez and Dr. Daniel Smith on Proposals to Reduce or Even Eliminate College Tuition

Episode 81: Dr. Stephen Miller and Dr. Daniel Smith on the Economics of Christmas

Episode 80: Dr. Daniel Smith and Paul Lichlyter on Inequality

Episode 79: Dr. George Crowley on Public Choice and Elections

Episode 78: Dr. G.P. Manish on Entrepreneurship

Episode 77: Dr. Michael Makowsky on the Economics of Law Enforcement

Episode 76: Laura Dove on Tort Reform

Episode 75: Dr. Stephen Miller on Economics Views and Fallacies

Episode 74: Dr. Daniel Smith on the Ex-Im Bank and Cronyism

Episode 73: Dr. John Dove on lessons from municipal defaults

Episode 72: Troy University economics major Olivia Melton and Dr. Daniel J. Smith on Uber in Birmingham

Episode 71: Dr. Steve Miller on Alabama's Budget

Episode 70: Dr. Philip Mixon on oil markets

Episode 69: Dr Daniel Smith on Informal Norms in Sports

Episode 68: Dr. Malavika Nair on Bitcoin

Episode 67: Dr. Daniel Smith interviews Dr. Daniel Sutter on climate change

Episode 66: Dr. George Crowley and Dr. John Dove on economic freedom

Episode 65: Mr. Lawrence Reed on Government Regulation

Episode 63: Dr. Daniel Smith interviews Dr. Daniel Sutter on the market assurance of quality

Episode 62: Dr. Thomas Hogan on stock markets

Episode 61: Dr. William J. Luther on money

Episode 60: Dr. Daniel J. Smith on Alabama's budget gap

Episode 59: Dr. G. P. Manish on entrepreneurship 

Episode 58: Dr. John A. Dove on improving regulation in Alabama

Episode 57: Dr. George Crowley on reforming Alabama's economic incentive programs

Episode 56: Dr. Thomas Hogan on American manufacturing

Episode 55: Dr. John A. Dove on reforming Alabama's legal system

Episode 54: Dr. Michael Munger on transaction costs

Episode 52: Dr. G. P. Manish on central planning in India

Episode 51: Dr. Edward Lopez discusses intellectual property in the fashion industry

Episode 50: Dr. John Dove discusses antitrust enforcement by state attorney generals

Episode 49: Dr. Fred Green discusses the economics of college football

Episode 47: Dr. Daniel Smith and Troy University MBA Studetn Robin Aguiar-Hicks discuss school service privatization in Alabama

Episode 46: Dr. Daniel Sutter on taking out the trash

Episode 45: Dr. Scott Beaulier on state pension reform in Alabama

Episode 44: Dr. Daniel Smith on occupational licensing in Alabama

Episode 43: Dr. Diana Thomas on the impact of regulation on low-income Americans

Episode 42: Dr. George Crowley on term limits

Episode 41: Dr. G.P. Manish on regime uncertainty

Episode 40: Dr. Daniel Smith and Dr. Scott Beaulier on personal freedom

Episode 39: Dr. Scott Beaulier interviews Dr. Sutter on environmental regulation

Episode 38: Dr. Daniel Smith on wage stagnation

Episode 37: Dr. Derek Yonai on economic freedom and business education

Episode 36: Dr. Thomas Hogan on financial regulation and the financial crisis

Episode 48: Dr. Scott Beaulier and Dr. Daniel Smith discuss K-12 education reform in Alabama

Episode 35: Dr. Scott Beaulier and Dr. Phillip Mixon on Medicaid expansion in Alabama

Episode 34: Dr. Malavika Nair on Bitcoin

Episode 33: Dr. William Ruger on economic and personal freedom in the United States

Episode 32: Dr. Malavika Nair on Austrian business cycles

Episode 31: M. Stanton Evans on economic journalism

Episode 30: Dr. Daniel Smith and Robert Earl Stewart on the Federal Reserve. 

Episode 29: Dr. George Crowley on term limits. 

Episode 28: Dr. Daniel Sutter on welfare reform.

Episode 27: Dr. Scott Beaulier on the Medicaid expansion in Alabama.

Episode 26: Dr. John A. Dove and Dr. Daniel J. Smith discuss the minimum wage.

Episode 23: Dr. G. P. Manish discusses central planning in India.

Episode 24: Dr. Benjamin Powell discusses sweatshops.

Episode 22: Dr. John A. Dove discusses muncipal bankruptcy.

Episode 21: Dr. Scott Beaulier with Dr. Skip Ames on ethics and entrepreneurship

Episode 20: Dr. Scott Beaulier with Dr. Thomas Hogan on Money, Banking, and the Federal Reserve

Episode 19: Dr. Scott Beaulier with Dr. Daniel Sutter on torandoes and natural disasters

Episode 18: Dr. Scott Beaulier with Brad McGlawn and Hannah Favre on Troy University's Students for Liberty Club

Episode 17: Dr. Scott Beaulier with Dr. Daniel Sutter on the Economics of Tornado Disaster Recovery Efforts

Episode 16: Dr. Scott Beaulier with Dr. James Stacey Taylor on the Organ-Trading Market

Episode 15: Dr. Scott Beaulier with Dr. George Crowley on Earmarking Tax Revenue

Episode 14: Dr. Scott Beaulier with Doug French, President of the Ludwig von Mises Institute

Episode 13: Dr. Scott Beaulier with Andrea Dean-Crowley on Wal-Mart's Effect on Self-Employment and Small Businesses

Episode 12: Dr. Scott Beaulier with Dr. Daniel Smith on Tornado Recovery Efforts on Businesses (Joplin, MO vs. Tuscaloosa, AL)

Episode 11: Dr. Scott Beaulier with Lawrence Reed, President of the Foundation for Economic Education, on the Great Depression

Episode 10: Dr. Daniel Sutter with Dr. Scott Beaulier on Pension Reform

Episode 9: Dr. Scott Beaulier with Dr. Daniel Smith and Darrick Luke on the Alabama Immigration Law

Episode 8: Dr. Scott Beaulier with Dr. Robert Lawson on Economic Freedom

Episode 7: Dr. Scott Beaulier with Manuel H. Johnson Center's Dr. Judson Edwards on Hayek and the new form of servitude

Episode 6: Dr. Scott Beaulier with Manuel H. Johnson Center's Dr. George Crowley on the growth of government spending

Episode 5: Dr. Scott Beaulier with Manuel H. Johnson Center's Dr. Daniel Sutter on the Federal Government's growing entitlement programs, social security and Medicare

Episode 4: Dr. Scott Beaulier with former BB&T CEO John Allison on the recent financial crisis

Episode 3: Dr. Scott Beaulier with Manuel H. Johnson Center's Dr. Daniel Smith on capitalism, democracy and the role of prices in free markets

Episode 2: Dr. Scott Beaulier with M. Stanton Evans on the history of conservatism

Episode 1: Dr. Scott Beaulier on the relationship between economic freedom and prosperity

Last Updated: 10/5/2018