Reforming Occupational Licensing in Alabama

by Dr. Daniel J. Smith

Study Highlights

  • Occupational licensing prevents people from working and earning a living, and disproportionately harms low-income and minority Alabamians.
  • Under the guise of protecting the public, professional groups use occupational licensing requirements as a means to block competition to keep prices high.
  • Studies have found that many occupational licensing requirements fail to increase quality for consumers or improve safety.
  • Alabama policymakers should examine licensing’s  significant costs, which include hindering economic growth, reducing labor mobility for professionals, higher prices for goods and services, and decreased access to goods and services for low-income consumers.
  • Policy-makers can better protect consumers, support economic growth and increase individual freedom in Alabama by scaling back licensing requirements for certain professions that pose little risk to consumers and transitioning from occupation licensing to occupational certification.


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Reforming Occupational Licensing in Alabama by Dr. Daniel J. Smith

Last Updated: 4/16/2015