Faculty Blackboard Organizations

Sorrell College Curriculum Development and Assessment Blackboard Organization

This organization is designed to allow all faculty (including participating adjuncts) to participate in the design and assessment of the Sorrell College curricula at the undergraduate and graduate level.

Enrollment should be requested by the faculty member when Blackboard certification is completed. See http://business.troy.edu/Portal/new-employees.aspx.


As determined by the needs of the curriculum committees, groups are created within the organization. Each group will have access to Blackboard's collaborative tools such as discussion boards, e-mail and wiki. For the purposes of documentation, all discussions should be held in the context of this organization and its groups.

Faculty will be assigned to a group based on their professional development plans and in coordination with their supervisor.

Sorrell College Admin Blackboard Organization

The Sorrell College Admin organization is reserved for full-time faculty members only.

Enrollment is requested by the faculty member upon completion of Blackboard certification. See http://business.troy.edu/Portal/new-employees.aspx.

Last Updated: 3/5/2018