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Administering Formative Assessments: Information for Proctors

Note: The administration of formative assessments is set to change significantly in 2017-2018. This page will be updated to reflect the new administration.

Thank you for agreeing to proctor exams for Troy University students. The information on this page relates to a special category of exams. Please review all information carefully and contact the eTROY Testing Specialist (who sent you this link) if you have questions or concerns.


Formative assessments in the Sorrell College of Business have special characteristics that may affect how you proctor those exams. Briefly, formative assessments are final exams in selected business courses. Those formative assessments are common for all students taking that course. Because all students in all delivery methods across all TROY locations take the same exam, protecting the integrity of the exam is of the utmost importance.

Formative Assessment Requirements


  • All formative exams are administered using Troy University's Blackboard.
  • The Blackboard URL is
  • Students are expected to know their Blackboard username and password.
  • Formative assessments are located in a course different from the one students have been using throughout the term. The course name ends with "(Formative Exam)". Inside that shell, there is only an Announcements page and an Exam area.
  • There are two exams in each shell: one that requires the use of the LockDown Browser and one that does not. See Expectations below for information on the use of the LockDown Browser.
  • Exam resets should not be required. Exams are set up to allow the exam to be resumed in case of a technical problem. If a technical problem arises during the test, the computer can be restarted and the exam can be resumed from the last question.
    If necessary, the exam can also be resumed from another computer.
    Please note that in the event of technical difficulties, the exam timer continues to run.


As the proctor of a formative exam, you are expected to

  • Verify in advance that you are able to use the Respondus LockDown Browser. Please review all information at
    If you are unable to use the Respondus LockDown Browser (LDB), please inform the Troy University eTROY testing specialist (who sent you this information). Specify the reason why you are unable to use the LockDown Browser. The testing specialist will send you the password for the alternate exam that does not require the LockDown Browser.
  • Keep the exam password private.
    The student should not see or enter the password.
  • Continually monitor the student while taking the exam.
    The student is not to
    • Use notes, books or other materials except as specified in the exam detail pages (links above).
      Some courses will allow calculators, scratch paper, etc.
    • Communicate with anyone but yourself during the exam.
    • Take any materials from the testing center. Any scratch paper, if allowed for the particular course, is to be destroyed after the test.
  • Ensure that the student finishes the exam within the two-hour time limit.
    There may be exceptions for students who have a documented disability that allows them double time to complete the test. Proctors are not expected to verify any documentation. If a student indicates he or she is allowed extra time, please allow them such. (The instructor will review the time taken and allow extra time for students with documentation.)
    The test environment will NOT automatically submit the exam when the two-hour time limit has expired.
  • Record the exam score.
    By recording the exam score, it is established that the student completed the exam.
    If upon submitting the exam, a score is not shown, attempt to re-enter the exam. If the exam can be re-entered, attempt to submit again. If the exam cannot be re-entered, please send a note to the eTROY testing specialist.
  • Report any irregularities to the testing specialist.
Last Updated: 8/17/2017