Formative Exam Information for Students

Important Note to Students: The information on this page refers to select Sorrell College of Business courses only:

  • ACT 2292
  • LAW 2221
  • QM 2241

General Questions and Answers

  • When/Where will I take my exam?
    Your course instructor will provide you with information on the schedule and location.
    • TROY Online students: formative assessments require the use of a prior approved proctor. At the start of the term, you will need to locate a proctor that meets the requirements (below) and submit that information to TROY Online using the "Proctor Form" for review and approval. After your proctor selection is reviewed, you will be notified of approval or denial.
      • ProctorU: If you select ProctorU as the proctor service, do not forget to schedule a date and time to take your exam as soon as you have determined that ProctorU is going to be your proctor. After scheduling the date and time, you may change the date and time without incurring a fee up to 7 days before your scheduled date.
  • How will I take my exam?
    All formative assessments are delivered using Canvas, Troy University's Learning Management System.
  • I have never used Canvas. How does it work?
    • Your instructor should provide you with an opportunity to take a sample exam at some point in the term or semester. The details of the sample exam will be provided by your instructor. The mechanics of the sample exam closely match those of the final exam in your formative course, with the exception of the requirement of a live proctor.
    • You may also refer to Taking an Exam below.
  • What content is on the exam?
    You will be tested on your knowledge and, if applicable, application of all content that was covered in the course. The formative exam is "comprehensive" over the course.
    Note that for the formative assessment in ACT 2292 (Principles of Accounting II), the exam is comprehensive over both ACT 2291 (Principles of Accounting I) and ACT 2292.
  • How much time do I have to complete the exam?
    The amount of time allowed for the exam depends on the course. Your instructor will provide you with that information.
    If you have an assistive need that is documented by the Office of Adaptive Needs, you will be allowed all accommodations, including double time.
  • How many questions will there be on the test?
    This information will be provided by your instructor. It varies between courses.

TROY Online: What Proctor Methods Are Available?

There are three approved proctor methods:

  • ProctorU: read more here.
    If you select ProctorU as the proctor service, do not forget to schedule a date and time to take your exam. You should do this immediately after completing the eTROY Proctor Form.
  • A commercial testing center, such as Sylvan or Prometric.
  • If you are a military student, your Education Service Officer (ESO) on base.
  • A Troy University site.

In all cases, students are responsible for finding a proctor and scheduling the test within the final exam period.

All proctor methods may require payment of a fee set by the proctor service. This fee is to be paid directly by the student.

Last Updated: 8/17/2017