Formative Assessment FAQ for Instructors


  • How will eTROY proctors obtain the exam password?
    eTROY will send the password to the proctor, when the proctor has been approved.
  • What if a student needs the exam to be reset?
    Because of the way the exam is set up in Blackboard, there should be no valid reason why an exam needs to be reset.
  • Why are some students' grades shown as (null) on the grade report I receive?
    • That student was in the process of taking the exam when the report was created.
    • The report was created after the student completed the exam, but the full details of the exam were not yet available on all Blackboard servers. (Due to the architecture of the Blackboard environment, it may take a while before the complete test attempt is available across the many servers in the infrastructure.)
  • Will the password for makeup exams be the same as it would have been for the main exam period?
  • How are students who need extra time to complete tests accommodated?
    See the proctor page for the details, summarized here for convenience:
    "Proctors are not expected to verify any documentation. If a student indicates he or she is allowed extra time, they will allow them such. The instructor will review the time taken and allow extra time for students with documentation. The test environment will NOT automatically submit the exam when the two-hour time limit has expired."
Last Updated: 11/8/2012