Prabhu Kumar Parisa


Education: Master’s of Business Administration, 2012

Major: Information Systems

Company: CGI Technologies and Solutions INC

Job Title: Technical Lead / UNIX Developer


Professional Work Responsibilities

As a Technical Lead and developer at CGI, I am responsible for ensuring my team is consistently delivering the standard expectations, provide team leadership and coaching, focus the team on the tasks at hand or the internal and external customer requirements, Coordinate team logistics & Communicate team status, task accomplishments, and direction. My direct responsibilities include; develop and implement applications appropriate to business needs and requirements, Interact with clients to identify and understand their business goals/requirements, Perform analysis and evaluation of customer requirements, Develop appropriate software development life cycle logistics to suit business objectives & test them.

How did the MIS program at TROY help prepare me for my career?

In my personal experience, a degree in Information Systems does more to prepare you for a career in business than any other business degree or certification. The technical skills from IS classes coupled with business skills from business courses provided me with tools to succeed in today’s dynamic business environment. The business curriculum enhanced my understanding of the various functional areas within organizations and how IT affects them. As a result, I am able to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical personnel. This ability is essential for interacting with clients/management executives at various levels. The managerial, technical, and communication skills I developed have allowed me to take on dynamic roles within the workplace and are the basis for achieving my professional goals.

MIS program prepared me for a career that is not constrained by a job description. I am confident that wherever I go I will always be able to depend on the skills I developed during my studies at Troy.


Last Updated: 9/24/2014