Central Rubric Repository

Note: This info needs to be updated for 2017-2018.

All rubrics used for assessment are found in the same Blackboard Content System folder as the assessment plans.

The rubrics in the central repository are available in 3 formats:

  1. Word document - for editing to make new versions.
    Please note: within a single reporting term, every assessment of an SLO needs to be done using the SAME rubric. Otherwise, results cannot be properly aggregated.
  2. PDF file - for students.
    This file can be linked to instructors' courses to make the rubric available to students. It's not editable.
  3. ZIP file - Blackboard format.
    This is the file to be selected when importing the rubric in a course.

Finding and importing rubrics is discussed in the video tutorial below.

Update 2014-05-29: With SP 14, the Blackboard user interface has changed slightly since the video recording. When assessing an assignment in Blackboard Learn, the rubrics can be viewed using the small down arrow button below the grade entry box, as shown in the image below.

Blackboard Service Pack 14 UI change

The process of finding and importing rubrics into the course has not changed.

Each rubric has the rubric ID in the filename, along with other information linking the rubric to a specific course, program and/or SLO.

Last Updated: 8/17/2017