Student Research Showcase

About the Student Research Showcase

The Sorrell College of Business Annual Student Research Showcase is a student research competition designed to encourage original research at both the undergraduate and graduate level. 

2017 Sorrell College of Business Student Research Showcase

Important Dates

All times are Central US Standard time.

Friday, March 31, 2017

  • By 3:00 PM: Deadline for student submissions
    Must include the registration form and the talent release form

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

  • Before 12:00 PM: Students set up posters for showcase in the Bibb Graves Atrium (Troy Campus)

Thursday, April 13, 2017

  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM: Final Judging
    Students will stand with their posters and be prepared to answer questions
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM: Awards and Lunch
    Winners will be announced and lunch will be served for showcase participants

Friday, April 14, 2017

  • Before 12:00 PM: Display removal
    Students will remove their poster from the Bibb Graves Atrium

Research Chairs

Papers and all forms should be submitted to the designated research chair listed below.

Economics (Graduate and Undergraduate)
Dr. Malavika Nair

Graduate Accounting (not Undergraduate Accounting)
Dr. Steve Grice

All other graduate students (not Economics or Accounting)
Dr. Joe Teng

All other undergraduate students (everything but Accounting)
Dr. Bill Neese

Forms & Documents

2017 SCOB Student Research Showcase Rules

2017 Registration Form

Troy University Talent Release Form

2016 Sorrell College of Business Student Research Showcase

Undergraduate General Business Research Award

  1. "How Comparative Advertising Influences the CETSCALE"
    Charlie Otto Reiff IV
    Da'ron Martez Anthony
    Kiersten Nicole Davis
    Khanh Nhat Truong
    Chandler Regis Worthy
  2. "The Effects of Diversity on Leadership and Teams"
    Sarah Alexandra Wentworth
    Limin Lin
    Tram Duy Bao Nguyen
    Nakeia Shai'ann Adair

Undergraduate Economics Research Award

  1. "The Morality of Price Gouging"
    Ashley Lynn
  2. "Coercion in the Sex Market"
    Felicia Cowley
  3. "Payday Lending: Swindlers or Philanthropists?"
    Christy Ann Bronson

Graduate Accounting Research Award

  1. "An Overview of Capital Leases"
    Garrison Michael Gracey
    William Hall
  2. "The Financial Statement Effects of Recording Pension Expense"
    Summer Davis
    Stephanie Eiland

Graduate Economics Research Award

  1. "The Role of Spontaneous Order and Choice in Video Games: A Case Study of Destiny"
    William Gordon Miller
  2. "Licensing the Undertaker: The Irrational Basis"
    Noah James Trudeau
  3. "A Pure Theory of Local Imprisonment"
    David Hall

Graduate General Business Research Award

  1. "Predictive Analysis: Phishing Websites using Classification Mining"
    Anuj Gaurav

2015 Sorrell College of Business Student Research Showcase

Undergraduate Economics Research Award

  1. "Does Judicial Independence Increase Wealth?: Evidence from the States," by Jorge A. Solis and Thuy Nguyen (Adviser: Dr. John Dove)
  2. "Hate the Game, Not the Player," by Olivia Melton and Kara Jane Henry (Adviser: Dr. George Crowley)
  3. "The Wage Gap: Explanations on Why Women Make Less and Solutions to Close the Gap that Exists," by Ashley Lynn (Adviser: Dr. Phillip Mixon)

Undergraduate General Business Research Award

  1. "An Analysis of Modern Perception of the Role Cell Phones Parket in Consumers' Daily Lives," by Sarah Wentworth, Casey Presley, Tolver Dozier, Jayme Norris, and Taylor O'Neil (Adviser: Dr. Gordon Mosley) 
  2. "Human Resource Management," by Kayla Bryd (Adviser: Dr. Hank Findley) 

Graduate General Business Research Award

  1. "Situational Approach," by Karoline Grymel and Annie Brunner (Adviser: Dr. Robert Wheatley)
  2. "Social Network Analysis of Industry Inventory Performance: An Empirical Approach," by Mounkia Ramagiri, Anuj Gaurav, and Soumya Parisa (Advisers: Dr. Joe Teng and Dr. Wu)
  3. "Distribution Design for Braydon Farms LLC - Case Study," by Jiayu Hu (Advisers: Dr. Joe Teng, Dr. Duan, and Dr. Garrott)

Graduate Accounting Research Award

  1. "The Effects of Deferred Taxes on U.S. GAAP Financial Statements," by April Finedore, Elizabeth Finley, and Amanda Sessions (Adviser: Dr. Steve Grice) 
  2. "Investment Classifications: How Different Investment Classification Affect the Financial Statements," by Melissa Williams and Tram Nguyen (Adviser: Dr. Steve Grice) 

2014 Sorrell College of Business Student Research Showcase

Undergraduate Economics Research Award

  1. "Throwing the Great Seal Into the Thames" by Zac Thompson (Adviser: Dr. Daniel J. Smith)
  2. "Tesla Motors, Uber, and Lyft: Modern Examples of Creative Destruction" by Claudia Mengert (Adviser: Dr. Daniel J. Smith)
  3. "The Morality of Profits and the Profit of Morality" by Caroline Samp (Adviser: Dr. Daniel J. Smith)

Undergraduate Business Research Award

  1. "Encouraging a Bad Apple: Why Group Members Allow Social Loafing" by Leeanna Dorsey, Toria Grimm, David Hall, and Kacie McAllister (Adviser: Dr. Min Carter)
  2. "Gaining and Retaining Employment: The Effects of Social Media" by Miranda Cutts (Adviser: Dr. Min Carter)
  3. "Marketing Research Results" by Courtney Boyette, Austin Burke, Theodore Menefee, Caroline Samp, and Cortney Smith (Adviser: Dr. Gordon Mosley)

Graduate Business Research Award

  1. "The Impact of Customer-side IT Investments on Focal Industry's IT IT Investment" by Jiayu Hu (Advisers: Dr. Joe Teng and Dr. Dazhong Wu)
  2. "To Change, or Not to Change: Accounting Changes and their Effect on Financial Statements" by Kacie McCloud, Alyssa McPadden, and Ashley Neal (Dr. Steve Grice) 
  3. "Pension Plan Accounting: An Explanation and Illustration" by Quinita Jackson, Candace Dixon, and Mingyang Li (Adviser: Dr. Steve Grice) 

2013 Sorrell College of Business Student Research Showcase

Graduate Student Research Paper Awards

  1. “Financial Statement Effects of Available-for-Sale Securities” by Amanda Payne, Cheng Li, Conni Moseley, Jennifer Mayfield, Kellson Jeffery
  2. “Leadership Dynamics in Virtual Teams” by Chris McDonald
  3. “Ethics and Privacy Issues of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification” by Hoang Nguyen

Graduate Student Poster Board Awards

  1. “Experimental Study of Recommendation Systems: Which Jobs Should I Apply?” by Jiayu Hu
  2. “The Financial Statement Impact of a Capital Lease” by Hannah Spann
  3. “A Demonstration of the Effects of Pension Accounting” by Lauren Bryan, Chelsea Colvin, Nettech Durham, Rachel Hamm, and Kate Hatcher

Undergraduate Research Paper Awards

  1. “Effecting the Workplace: Evolution of Training Trends” by Bethany Davis and Allison Reynolds
  2. “Dam the Markets and Open the Government Floodgates: How the Tennessee Valley Authority Changed Utility Markets in America” by Ana-Shea Fann
  3. “A Brief Economic History of the Early French Settlements in the Americas” by Zac Thompson

Undergraduate Poster Board Awards

  1. “Dam the Markets and Open the Floodgates for Government: How the TVA Usurped Market Power and Created Unprecedented Government Growth” by Ana-Shea Fann
  2. “Advancing an Identity: How Free Markets Aided in the Social Progression of Women” by Hannah Favre
  3. “Food Service Inventory Management System” by Craig Cubmie, David Hudman, and John Davis
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