Troy University, with over 8,000 students at our TROY Campus, is the creative energy that will continue to reinvent itself through the generations. Successful ventures have been created by determined students from their dorm rooms. Currently our students are seeking assistance to bring ideas to reality. The IDEA Bank will create an environment formalizing connections, expertise, education, and incubation. 


By offering the opportunity for students to interact with alumni entrepreneurs, business leaders, etc., the IDEA Bank is designed to help connect university and community resources to the students. This connection will create an interface for our students that will provide needed resources such as: banks, angel investors, legal advisors, and trade experts. 


Create limited, but unique housing specifically for students in the IDEA Bank. Allow exceptional upper-level students the chance to interact and assist one another through collaboration, exchange of ideas, expertise, in an effort to launch successful businesses.


The IDEA Bank would bring our Small Business Development Center educational programs and support to TROY students and the community. With courses to learn the mindset of entrepreneurs, designers, and artists, the IDEA Bank would serve as an economic engine for community development, growth, and prosperity. 


The State Normal School at Troy was established in 1887 under the leadership of school president, Joseph M. Dill. The institution was founded in downtown Troy, Alabama where it was located for 42 years until the College moved to its present-day site. We see the opportunity to be back downtown as a sign of coming home for Troy University - this is where it all began over 130 years ago! 

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Are you a Current Student at Troy University with an idea for a business? Are you an Alumni entrepreneur or a Business leader that would like to learn more about the IDEA Bank? Just let us know a little bit about you and we'll get you connected. Student Entrepreneur - Looking for assistance starting your own business while attending TROY? We will connect you with mentors, business leaders and advisors to assist you in your efforts of creating a successful business. Alumni Entrepreneur - Calling all TROY alumni entrepreneurs and business leaders to give of your time, talents and treasures. If you are interested in volunteering as a mentor or advisor we want to hear from you or if you are interested in sponsoring a student in the program please let us know! Business Leader - If you are interested in learning how your current business could connect with the network, provide services or get involved with the IDEA Bank - We want to hear from you!