9/2/2014: Executives meet to plan the year's activities. see minutes

9/23/2014" LinkedIn Seminar

5:30 Bibb Graves room 237

Learn to expand your professional network through LinkedIn. We will have a very knowledgeable presenter who will be happy to help all that attend.LinkedIn is a very good way to network and connect with other professionals. 

9/25/2014:  Trip to Troy Regional Hospital

10/10/2014:  Smart Industries Tour

10/14/2014:  Trip to Dothan:  Panhandle Converter and AOC,  lunch at



March 20, 2015 Trip to Birmingham

I thoroughly appreciate all of the efforts of those on the behalf of the I.T. Society to organize the event on March 20th. I have a newfound comprehension as to what to expect when confronting potential employers and what they in turn expect out of me as a possible employee. It was great to see the passion the companies had for their various products or research and I hope to be able to have a similar experience myself. I am very grateful to Robin Hunt and Daniel Bishop for organizing the Innovation Depot Event at the Kinetic's facility in addition to Mr. Ron Perkins for his presentation and tour at his facility, Doozer Software." - Nick Nunez, Information Systems Student

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed being a part of the event on March 20th. I got some really great insight and experience meeting business people. I appreciate the opportunity to have an experience like that. Thanks to Robin Hunt and Daniel Bishop and everyone else involved. " Alex Chance, IS Student

“The trip really educated me in many ways. I had a lot of fun going out of the classroom with my classmates which is really awesome to a computer-major student like me. Moreover, I got opportunity to talk to several company representative, through which I know how I should focus on my learning and what is the requirements of the real jobs outside school.” Vu Nguyen , student of IT Society  ,my major is IS and CS







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