Administering the ETS MFT

As part of its program assessment measures, the Sorrell College of Business uses the following ETS Major Field Tests (MFT):

The administration of the MFT must occur in a proctored environment.

The following information is provided for instructors in the courses where the MFT is embedded. The information covers both preparation as well as administration, although instructors may not act as proctors.

In addition, ETS provides a Test Administration Manual and a Proctor Administrator Manual which may answer additional questions about the test.

General Information

  • The Business MFTs are all administered online. ETS does not allow the administration of a paper version off-campus, therefore, the Sorrell College administers all tests online.
  • Test lengths are 2 hours for Associate and Bachelor and 3 hours for MBA.
    The test length does not include the time needed to complete the student profile and the tutorial (which is highly recommended). Students should allow for 30 minutes in addition to the test length.
  • No types of aid, including calculators are allowed.

Preparation (Before the Day of the Test...)

  1. Obtain and verify your proctor login
    • Phyllis Kiarie or Sven Aelterman can provide TROY instructors with proctor logins.
    • TROY Online proctors are provided a login through TROY Online testing services.
    • Go to the ETS Program Workshop site and log in with your proctor credentials. You will only have access to specified cohorts. See step 2 for cohort information.
  2. Obtain the Session ID
    A group of students in a particular semester/term and location is referred to as a "cohort." Phyllis Kiarie creates the cohorts for all Business tests.
    You will look up the Session ID on the ETS Program Workshop site using your proctor login. Your proctor login will be assigned only to the specific cohort(s) you will need to use. If you do not see a cohort for the correct term, location and course, please contact Phyllis Kiarie.
    Students will need to enter that session ID in order to access the test.
  3. Verify that the MFT Browser is available
    The MFT Browser is a small, standalone application that requires no installation or special user permissions to run. The same browser is used for all three business MFTs (and other, non-business MFTs).
    The minimum system and browser requirements are;
    Supported Operating System Supported Web Browser
    Windows 7 or later
    Mac OSX 10.9iOS 7.1
    Internet Explorer 9 or later
    Safari 7.0

    The browser may be downloaded from (click Site Readiness).
  4. Check other system requirements
    From the ETS site at Check your Site Readiness


  1. Use the proctor login information provided to you to log in to the Program Workshop web site at
  2. Access the cohort list and click on your cohort.
    Cohorts are created using a naming scheme that consists of term/semester, location and test codes.
  3. Verify the session ID matches the one showing for the cohort you selected.
    In case of a mismatch, check the cohort name. If you are unable to resolve the session ID mismatch, please contact eTROY Testing Services, Phyllis Kiarie or Sven Aelterman.
  4. Students will start the MFT:
    1. For TROY campus locations, sign in to the network using a regular browser.
    2. Launch the secure MFT Browser.
      The browser opens automatically to the test administration page.
    3. Enter the cohort's session ID.
    4. Complete the user profile. Students taking the MFT for the first time will create a new user profile, students who have previously taken the MFT can log in with their previous student profile (even when taking a different MFT).
      For Candidate ID, students MUST enter their 7-digit TROY student ID number.
  5. Students will be listed as pending approval. Approve the students individually or as a group.
  6. The students will take the MFT Part I.
  7. Transition to Part II: pending

Retrieving Scores

  1. Log in to the ETS Program Workshop site.
  2. Locate the "cohort ID" for your cohort.
    Note: the cohort ID is not the session number.
    1. Go to Cohorts.
    2. Click the Proctor/Manage action link for the cohort.
    3. Click the Configuration tab.
    4. The DB ID is shown under General Information. Make a note of it, or copy it to the clipboard.
  3. In the left pane, click on Score Reports.
  4. Change the search criteria dropdown to CohortID.
  5. Enter the cohort ID.
  6. You may add additional search criteria.
  7. Click Search.

Technical Support

Instructors and proctors experiencing problems during test administration should contact MFT Technical support at 1-800-514-8491 or e-mail

TROY Contact Information

Sorrell College Technology Specialist: Ms. Phyllis Kiarie

Sorrell College Director of IT: Mr. Sven Aelterman

Last Updated: 10/7/2019