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This page provides guidance on the use of the Bibb Graves classroom technology.

Handout Sheets

Student Response Systems (Clickers) by i>clicker

The Sorrell College of Business has adopted i>clicker as the standard student response system. Learn more about i>clicker on their web site.

The following rooms are equipped with an i>clicker base:

  • BG 225
  • BG 237

If i>clicker bases are desired for additional classrooms, please contact 334-808-6496 with your request. 

Computer Labs 237/239

Because of the unique nature of these rooms (the ability to combine into a single room), the equipment can be used in single mode (each room is controlled by the lectern in that room) or dual mode (the lectern in room 239 controls both rooms).

Contact Sorrell IT for assistance with combining the rooms.

Troy University Classroom Technology

Information about other classroom buildings on the Troy Campus and other Troy University campuses can be found at

Quick Tips

Hover with the mouse over this section to pause the animation.

The interactive whiteboard pen is not responding.

The pen battery may be dead. Even though we have a policy of replacing the rechargeable batteries proactively on a monthly basis, heavy use may cause the battery to drain faster than expected. Please

  1. Locate a non-rechargeable battery in the pen's case (black plastic case with the letters "PolyVision") and use it. The pen's battery compartment may be accessed by sliding the latch on the pen backward and removing the cover.
  2. Report the problem to 808-6496 so a charged battery will be substituted ASAP.

The interactive whiteboard pen doesn't respond immediately after uncapping

After an extended period of inactivity, the pen may require 3 taps on the board to "wake up."

What software is available?

The following software is available on all presentation computers:

  • Windows 7 Enterprise Edition x64 with SP 1
  • Office 2010
  • SPSS 21
  • Adobe Reader
  • Adobe Flash Player
  • Java Runtime Environment
  • Open Sankor√© 2.1 (interactive whiteboard) for use with Wacom tablet or PolyVision board

Computer lab presentation computers have additional software available. Refer to the Computer Labs page for details. 

How can I hook up a laptop?

If you want to bring in your own laptop (or other device), there are connectors for sound, VGA and HDMI provided on the top of each desk. Please use these provided connectors to connect your equipment to the projector. Do not disconnect any equipment inside the lectern.

To hook up a laptop,

  1. Unless SCOB IT is notified in advance, you will need to bring your own cable.
  2. Determine the type of connection your device will use: VGA (analog, 15-pin D-sub type connector) or HDMI. If you also want to use the room speaker, you will need to connect a 3.5mm audio jack.
  3. Plug your cable into your laptop and the desk.
  4. If using VGA:
    1. Turn on the projector.
    2. Switch projector input source to "Computer 1."
  5. If using HDMI:
    1. Turn on the projector.
    2. Switch the video source selector to "A3."
    3. Verify the projector input source is HDMI.
Last Updated: 2/28/2019