BUS 4476 - BSBA Capstone

B.S.B.A. Capstone Assessment


The California Critical Thinking Skills Test will be administered to all BUS 4476 students. For information on administering the CCTST, please see https://business.troy.edu/Portal/california-critical-thinking-skills-test-cctst.aspx.


Information about administering the MFT is available.

Internal Capstone Exam

Instructions on importing the capstone exam in the instructor's Canvas shell are available here Importing Assessment Materials from Canvas Commons

Exam Info

  • The exam requires a live proctor.
  • The case should be released 3 DAYS prior to the Exam Date.
  • The exam is closed book, closed notes.
  • The time limit is 3 hours.
  • Standard, non-programmable calculators are allowed.
  • No electronic devices allowed besides “basic” calculators (i.e., no cell phones, smart watches, fit bits, translators, etc.).
  • Students are not allowed to access or open any programs during the exam. Respondus Lockdown Browser is required.
  • Students must bring in a "clean copy" of the case.
  • Students must return all materials (including the case and/or scratch paper) to proctors at the end of the exam.
  • Students MAY NOT review the answers to the CAPSTONE exam or copy/download/transmit the exam! This will be considered as cheating and subject to Troy University Cheating rules.
  • Only ADA students may use the ADA features (e.g., increasing the font size).  It is considered cheating for all other students.


Dr. Eva Dodd-Walker

Last Updated: 3/20/2018