California Critical Thinking Skills Test (CCTST)


Note: The administration of the CCTST has changed significantly in 2017-2018. This page has been updated to reflect the new procedures.

The California Critical Thinking Skills Test (CCTST) is administered by Insight Assessment.

The result of the assessment is a scaled breakdown of the test taker's critical thinking skills. The results are normed for the group of test takers the student belongs to (i.e. four-year college students).

The CCTST is available in a number of languages and Sorrell College of Business Test Takers should select their native language when beginning the test. By taking the test in their native language, the effect of translations and language proficiency is removed and only critical thinking skills are measured. If the native language is not available, then the test taker should select the language in which they are most proficient.

Instructor Information

The CCTST will be administered in all sections of BUS 3310 and BUS 4476.

Test Manual for Instructors

The CCTST Test Manual is available for download from the Troy University Helpdesk Knowledge Base

Multiple Attempts

Be sure to include this verbage in your course regarding the CCTST administration:

“Students should NOT be allowed to take the CCTST twice in a given course.  This will be considered as cheating if students accesses the exam a second time to change their scores, which means they would receive a grade of zero for the exam.  The information (Overall Score) would still be recorded for accreditation purposes, but the second column in CANVAS for the CCTST grade would indicate a zero.” (approved by the course coordinators)

Test Timing

The CCTST has a hard time limit of 45 minutes. If the student has not submitted the test 45 minutes after starting, it will be submitted automatically.

If you have a student requiring accommodations related to time, the instructor should notify Phyllis Kiarie so that arrangements can be made for that student.

Login information

A new access code and password will be sent out for the new term/semester.

Test Results:

We are still working on providing accounts for instructors so they might login to Insight Assessment to download the test results. Before that has been set up, send Phyllis Kiarie an email after the assessment has closed requesting me to retrieve the results for you so you can add them into your Canvas gradebook.

CCTST Test Taker Instructions

This knowledge base article provides screenshots of the necessary steps - How to complete the CCSTS Assessment

The CCTST is no longer required to be taken in a proctored environment.

The maximum test time is 45 minutes.

To access the test, students can either install an app  from Insight Assessment ( or use their browser directly to access the testing interface.

When the testing interface is launched, students will require an Access Code and password to start the test. The Access Code and password are provided to the instructors who will then need to share this information with the students. Instructors receive the access code and password from Sorrell College IT.

Last Updated: 3/3/2020