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Troy University requires all users with access to sensitive data to complete end-user security awareness training annually. This training is available online by visiting

Please contact the TROY IT Helpdesk if you need assistance in completing this training.

Password Guidance

How do you pick a strong password? How do you keep track of it? Explained in less than 3 minutes thanks to Sophos Labs!

Malware Protection Guidance

Troy University / Sorrell College of Business

The following guidance is available from the Sorrell College of Business in the form of PDF documents:

The Troy University IT Department maintains a list of best practices on its web site at

External Sites

TED Talk by James Lyne

The SANS™ Institute is a recognized authority on information security topics. They publish a daily information security tip aimed at end users. The tips are obtained from information security practitioners.

Read the Tip of the Day (there is also an RSS feed available).

Another SANS Institute effort is Securing The Human. There is a newsletter, OUCH!, that can be freely read:

Security Awareness

The U.S. Federal Government has a tip web site that also includes interactive games to test your readiness to handle spam, phishing, etc.

The National Cyber Security Alliance

See the web site of the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), a U.S. Government sponsored project, that includes tips and resources on guarding your computer's security and your online privacy. NCSA manages the implementation of October as Cyber Security Awareness Month.

Among the many resources, there is content dedicated to college students.

Microsoft Internet Safety for Enterprise and Organizations

This toolkit is available as a free download and offers tools that can be used to educate employees on using safe internet practices.

Last Updated: 3/5/2018