Formative Assessments

About Formative Assessments

Formative assessments are common exams that are administered in formative courses to allow program evaluation early in the programs.

The common exam is developed by senior faculty in the discipline and tests all student learning outcomes of the affected course(s) in the discipline.

Affected Courses

The following courses in the Sorrell College of Business have been identified as formative courses.

After reviewing the general policies and guidelines here, also refer to the guidelines specific to each course by following the links at the top of this page.

Computer-Based Testing Requirement

All assessments are administered using Canvas. For purposes of data collection and reporting, there can be no exceptions. If a campus or site does not have computer resources available during scheduled class time or the scheduled final exam, arrangements have to be made to administer the exam outside the scheduled time (including Saturdays).

Exam Policies

  • All formative assessments are closed-book, closed-notes.
  • All formative assessments require a LIVE proctor, regardless of course delivery method (TROY Online, hybrid or face-to-face).
    • If the course is delivered through TROY Online, students will need to follow the TROY Online proctor guidelines.
      Review the Proctored Exam Policy here:
    • For face-to-face classes, the exam may be administered during class time if computers are available at the teaching site. If computers are not available, the exam will have to be rescheduled.
      • Note that exams may have to be scheduled outside of the normal class time to accommodate lab availability.
      • Instructors need to take attendance before the start of the exam and verify that students who were not present did not access the exam.
  • The formative exam must count towards a certain portion of the final grade in the course. 
    This may be different for each discipline, but a minimum of 10% of the final grade is required. The maximum weight is 25%. The actual weight is set by the course coordinator.
    See the detailed instructions for each course on the left.
  • Students will loose points for exceeding the two-hour time limit. The instructor is responsible for calculating and applying the grade penalty.     
    • Canvas will automatically submit the exam when the time limit is reached.
      Review the instructions for setting up time extensions for students with documented accommodations on the Obtaining Assessment Materials page.

Formative Exam Proctoring Options

Formative exams must be proctored by a live proctor. TROY Online students may choose to use one of the following:

  1. ProctorU (click the link for more info on the ProctorU service),
  2. an approved commercial testing center, such as Sylvan/Prometric,
  3. their Education Service Officer ("military base"),
  4. a Troy University site.

In all cases, except perhaps using the ESO, the student will be required to pay for the proctoring service.

Incomplete Grade Policy for Formative Courses

There is no change to the policy on issuing incomplete grades - at least 50% of the course must be completed and the student must be passing at the time the incomplete is issued (catalog reference).

  • For TROY Online sections, the student is expected to use the same proctor as originally indicated. If the student is unable to use the same proctor, the student must contact Tammy English at TROY Online and provide information for the new proctor.
  • For face-to-face sections, the instructor is expected to be the proctor.

Contact Info

Technical Questions

Contact Phyllis Kiarie.

Procedural/Administrative Questions

Please contact the course coordinator or the chair of the department that manages the course discipline. For contact information, see the links above for each course.

Last Updated: 3/18/2019