Global Business Major

Global Business Major Capstone Case

The capstone assessment will be administered in MGT 4478.

The assessment measures Global Business SLO 5.1, "Students will recognize and explain factors that impact businesses operating in a global environment" and SLO 5.2, "Students will analyze factors that impact businesses operating in a global environment and develop problems to solutions" using a case exam assessed using a rubric.

The case exam and rubric are to be loaded in instructors' Canvas course shells. Instructors can get all materials by following the directions on obtaining a program capstone exam.

Course Guidelines

  • The assessment should be completed (submitted by students and assessed using the rubric) by 3/4 of the term/semester's time frame.
  • The capstone assessment should be valued a minimum of 3% and a maximum of 5% of the course grade.

Administration Guidelines

  • Students will have access to the rubric from the start of class.
  • Students will not have access to the case or case questions until beginning the assignment.
  • The case will be administered as a take-home assignment. Students are allowed to use materials in completing the case.
  • From the start of the case to the submission of work, there is a two-hour time limit.
  • The case text and questions are provided to students in the Canvas exam as a protected PDF file that does not allow printing.
  • Students will answer four questions about the case in an essay format. Each question will be answered separately in a Canvas exam.
  • Instructors will grade the exam and complete the assessment rubric. The assessment rubric (for technical reasons) is attached to the last exam question. However, all questions are covered by the rubric.
  • As with all assessment rubrics, the rubric is not suitable for grading the exam. It should only be used for assessing students' performance on the specific traits (rows) of the rubric. That data is collected to help with program improvement.
    Grades on the exam are assigned by the instructor and instructors will probably consider additional traits than just those measured by the assessment rubric.

Contact Information

BSBA Global Business Program Coordinator: Dr. Ed Pappanastos

Last Updated: 8/17/2017