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Colley Senior Citizen Technology Event:


SQL Saturday,  Phenix City, AL




Resume PPT

Interview Workshop 1



Resume PPT

Interview Workshop 1


Interview Workshop 2

March 26, Business Meeting/Sign up for officier election for 2014-2015.

March  20, 2014   ThinkData Solutions, Inc. Intern/Innovation Dept Event. Trip to Birmingham, AL

March 12:  Cancelled due to Spring Break

February 26, 5:30 pm, BG 329.  Smart Alabama, LLC, 

February 19th, 2014: Extra Meeting to sign-up for ACM membership.  5:30  BG 329.

February 18, 2014, Speaker: Jeff Koch, Owner/Operator of Troy Chick-Fil-A. Tuesday, February 18th, 6:00 pm central time, Bibb Graves room 129. Topic:  Starting a New Business and How to Interview for a Job - Tips from an Employer's Perspective

February 12, 2014, Speaker Ms. Cieresse Pollard,  Topic:  Building a Resume   PPT

January 22, 2013,  Initial spring meeting


November 13,  2013  Mr Sven Aelterman

On November 13th, the IT Society welcomed Mr. Sven Aelterman. His presentation was on utilizing SkyDrive and Cloud computing as mobile computing resources. Of the many cloud based services, SkyDrive was the main focus of this presentation. SkyDrive has many features. Excel and Word were the features demonstrated. Example use of each feature in order to collaborate with peers was included in the presentation.



October 23-24, 2013  IT Society Virtualization camp

On Thursday, October 24th, seven IT Society members travelled to the Microsoft Office in Alpharetta, Georgia to attend an IT Camp. The camp was a daylong event in which students learned about Hyper-V and virtualization in Server 2012. There were many participants and each student was able to walk through the virtualization lab via the Internet. The host, Tommy Patterson, did a great job with presenting the material to everyone. The IT Society members had a great time and hope to have more educational interaction with Microsoft in the future.


August 21, 2013  IT Society interest meeting

Tonight the IT Society hosted their annual meet and greet interest meeting in the atrium of Bibb Graves Hall. The interest meeting was for any prospective members who are in information technology or are interested in computers and technology. Many prospective members came to enjoy pizza and talk with returning members of the IT Society. 

Throughout the year, the IT Society has speakers in the Information Technology field come and give a presentation on their own experiences in their specified field. This is an excellent opportunity for students to get first hand information about the IT field and network with professionals.  The IT Society members welcome any students who are interested in joining this club.


August 13, 2013,  IT Society attended  Hack-A-Thon

Three members of the Troy University IT Society traveled to Birmingham to attend the second Hack-a-thon hosted by ThinkData Solutions at the Innovation Depot. Students were joined by many other students and IT professionals. The attendees received a firsthand introduction to video game development for Windows PC, tablet, and phone devices  . The use of code was not needed to create the games. Students also received a thorough introduction to Office 365 and Windows 8. The IT Society attendees look forward to other events in the future.



August 15, 2012, Interst Meeting for New Members:  Pizza Party

April 25, 2012, Officier Elections for 2012-2013

April 18, Social Networking, Mr.  Aelterman: Linkedin workshop (slides, handout)

Marsh 20, 2012, ALFA:  Recruitment Presentation

 March 2, 2012 LAN Party!

February 29, 2012 IT Advisory Council Panel Disucssion,  What does the future of IT look like?

  • Mr. George Tarbox, Director of Consulting, CGI, Troy, Al
  • Mr. Kim Colton, CIO/G6, USAACE, Ft Rucker
  • Mr William Stuart, IT Manager, National Security Group, Elba, AL 


February 8, 2012

  • Paul E. Stanley, Area Executive, BB&T

Topic: IT Perspective of the End User

January 28, 2012

  • Speaker: Vicky Smith, Vice President, Business Intelligence, ALFA Insurance

Topic:  Businesses Predict the Future

January 18, 2012

  • Speaker: Joshua Smith, Security Administrator for HealthSouth Inc.

Topic:  Passwords and Security


New York Times:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011: IT Society Meeting

  • Guest speaker Alvin Haygan
    • "5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Graduated"
  • Sign-ups for Technet Conference in March

Friday, October 15, 2010: SQL Friday

  • SQL Reporting Service: Creating Basic Report
  • Cancelled next meeting. Members will work on DB design project: DB design project

Friday, October 8, 2010: SQL Friday

  • SQL Stored Procedure and Layered Applications: Part II
  • C# Application Program with SQL Server Stored Procedure

Tuesday, October 5, 2010: TechMixer University, Birmingham, AL

Three IS faculties and about 15 students attending TechMixer University in Birmingham, Alabama.

Details about the event: TechMixerUniversity

Friday, October 1, 2010: SQL Friday

  • SQL Stored Procedure and Layered Applications
  • C# Application Program with SQL Server Stored Procedure

Friday, September 24, 2010: SQL Friday

  • SQL View, Stored Procedure and Trigger
  • Exercises from Bordoloi Bock, SQL for SQL Server, Chapter 8 and 10

Friday, September 17, 2010: SQL Friday

  • Again, No study. We got huge execuse "no labs are available"
  • Planning for ACM chapter in Troy University

Friday, September 10, 2010: SQL Friday

  • Ronald B-day, No study but planning for TechMixer and Code Camp

Friday, September 3, 2010: SQL Friday

  • SQL Subquery and Correlated Subqueries
  • Exercises from Bordoloi Bock, SQL for SQL Server, Chapter 7

Friday, August 27, 2010: SQL Friday

  • SQL Joins: Inner join, Left outer and Right outer join
  • Exercises from Bordoloi Bock, SQL for SQL Server, Chapter 6

Friday, August 20, 2010: SQL Friday

  • SQL Functions: Avg(), Count(), First(), Last(), Max(), Min(), Sum()

Friday, August 13, 2010: SQL Friday

  • First meeting of the SQL Friday
  • Fundamental of SQL statements: SQL Fundamentals

Wednesday, December 9, 2009: Field Trip

  • MSDN Southern Fried Roadshow, Montgomery, AL
  • Several students and instructors attended the event.

Monday, November 30, 2009: Organizational Meeting

  • Election of the Secretary and the Vice President for Program Affairs
  • Organization of the field trip on December 9

Monday, November 16, 2009: Organizational Meeting

  • First meeting of the new IT Society
  • Election of the President, Vice President for Membership, and Public Relations Officer.


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