Management Concentration

Management Program Capstone Exam

This information has been revised for 2013-2014.

Exam Delivery

The exam has 50 multiple-choice questions from the following core courses:

  • MGT 3300 (15 questions)
  • MGT 3380 (10 questions)
  • MGT 4440 (10 questions)
  • MGT 4472 (15 questions)

The exam time limit is 75 minutes.

Obtaining a Copy of the Exam

See Obtaining Assessment Materials

Program Exit Survey

In addition to the assessment, students will also be able to complete a program exit survey. The program exit survey is available to students within the LMS and requires no instructor intervention to set up.


Chair, Department of Management, HR and Business Law: Dr. Shelley Davis

Last Updated: 3/23/2017