MBA Capstone

About MBA Capstone Assessment

This information has been updated for 2016-2017.

Internal Capstone Essay Exam (Seacoast Science Center case)

There is a common computer-based assessment to be administered in BUS 6611. The information for instructors can be found in Office 365 in the Sorrell College Assessment team site.

This exam is administered in the course shell.

BUS 6611 instructors who do not currently have access should send a request to Sven Aelterman.


The ETS MBA MFT is administered in BUS-6607 which is to be taken concurrently with BUS-6611.

Draft documentation on administering the MFT is available.

Please direct questions about the MFT to Phyllis Kiarie.


Course Coordinator: Dr. Eva Dodd-Walker

Last Updated: 3/22/2018