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Domain Passwords

Troy Campus

Logging on to Sorrell College of Business computers in Bibb Graves Hall is done with a username and password assigned to you on the SORRELL domain. Using this single user account, you can log on to all the computers your account is allowed to access.

For faculty, this includes your office computer and classroom computers. Having this single credential to log on to multiple computers is convenient and in addition also allows you to access your files over the network. You do not need to take a flash drive to class; you can access all the files stored on your computer from any Sorrell College computer on the network.

Because the password is so important to keep your data secure, these are the password requirements:

  • Minimum of 9 characters
  • Requires at least one UPPERCASE, lowercase, and digit (0-9); or in place of one of the previous categories, a symbol such as _ @ ! -
  • Cannot be a part of your name or username.
    No more than 3 characters (in the same order) may be repeated.
Last Updated: 3/5/2018