Medical Debt Case Instructions

The selected case is Medical Debt by Dr. Ed Pappanastos.

Two SLOs will be assessed by a mandatory, individual student case study:
•    SLO 4.1: Students will apply analytical techniques to solve business problems.
•    SLO 4.2: Students will apply critical thinking skills to solve business problems.

Two rubrics reflect the areas on which student case work will be assessed:
•    Graduate Critical Thinking Rubric
•    Graduate Problem Solving Rubric

The minimum percentage weight required as part of the course grade for the assessment is 10%.  Completed program assessment rubrics MUST be completed by instructors by the time grades are due at the end of the term.

An assessment material package is available for import in the instructors' Canvas course shell. See

Student Instructions

With this case, students are provided a sample of patient data for analysis.  Students are asked to run appropriate statistical analyses in Excel to mine the data, and write a concise report answering by answering six provided questions.

Contact Information

QM 6640 Course Coordinator: Dr. Ed Pappanastos

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