Requesting a Faculty Page

Sorrell College of Business faculty can request the creation of pages on this site which may be edited without knowledge of HTML or other protocols for publishing.

Faculty in other colleges can request an account at Spectrum.

To begin the process,

  1. Use the Register link at the top of any Sorrell College Portal page to create an account.
    Be sure to use your TROY e-mail address.
  2. When your account is created, please request a faculty page from the Sorrell College Director of IT.
  3. When the page is created, you will have full editing capabilities.

Instructions for Editing Your Page

The Sorrell College Portal site (this site) uses mojoPortal, a Content Management System. By default, your page will contain an single content item in which you can place text, links, images, video references, etc. Working with this content is done directly in your web browser using a word processing-like tool. You may create drafts of content so you can preview your changes before making them public.

There are more advanced types of content available, such as list, image galleries, etc. For one-on-one assistance, please send an e-mail to the Sorrell College Director of IT.

You may also request additional pages which will become subpages of your first page. Links to the subpages will be added automatically on your main page.

Last Updated: 3/5/2018