Journal of Replication Studies in Business

JRSB is a double-blind peer reviewed journal that focuses on two missions: First, to provide a publication outlet for research efforts that replicate, refute, update, or extend prior studies in all disciplines related to business. Few publication outlets, if any, support the much-needed publication of such studies, which has resulted these activities being discouraged. The second mission of JRSB is to provide a training ground for individuals unfamiliar with the processes and activities related to business research, article publication, and journal management (i.e. students, junior faculty, etc.). Because most business disciplines are primarily behavioral in nature, JRSB will closely adhere to the style guide recommendations of the American Psychological Association (APA).


Journal of Human Resources Education

The Journal of Human Resources Education (JHRE) is a free, quarterly electronic journal devoted to improving the teaching of human resources management in colleges and universities.


Troy University Business Research Symposium

The Troy University Business Research Symposium is a conference held yearly where business faculty members from Troy University gather to present papers and discuss opportunities for research. Each year, a different theme is selected.


Troy University Business and Economic Review

The Troy University Business and Economic Review publishes articles from scholars and practitioners throughout the world and focuses on relevant topics concerning business and the economy which are of interest to business leaders, professors, and public policy makers.


Sorrell College of Business Magazine

The Sorrell College of Business Magazine is published yearly and provides information on the events and changes that took place in the College.


Trojan General Journal

The Trojan General Journal, the Troy University School of Accountancy newsletter, is a semi-annual publication.


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